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The human Body consists of 206 bones, attached to the skeletal frame is a network of around 700 muscles promoting each movement we make. After completing exercise, our body needs to be able to recover. Sports massage therapy works with the body to stretch the muscle fibres and promotes blood flow to improve the regeneration of muscle fibres and remove waste bi-products through the lymphatic system. Improving the flexibility by stretching out the muscle fibres encouraging a better range of motion. Performers benefit from physiological and psychological factors.

Pregnancy Massage benefits have not been studied much however some evidence shows that treatment can alleviate tension and pain from the back, pelvis, muscles of the upper and lower limbs, whilst preventing the fatigue caused from carrying your baby. Pregnancy Massage must ensure the safety of both mum and baby throughout this special time. Whilst explaining each technique used it is also imperative to make sure mum is happy with the treatment. Carrying a child changes the centre of gravity of a woman, and causes a lot of stress on the neck, abdominal muscles, shoulders, pelvis, knees and feet. This can cause a lot of discomfort and postural changes. (Ensure you have your doctor or midwife’s permission before booking an appointment for pregnancy massage treatments.)


About me


Leanne Robertson

Leanne is an experienced and fully qualified Sports Massage therapist, with exceptional knowledge of injuries and the body. Leanne has experience in clinical environments as well as pitch side for a variety of sports including Royal Navy Netball, Maritime Reserves Field Gun Crew and Portsmouth Rugby Teams. Leanne is based in Portsmouth, and works alongside Shine Hair Studios Southsea.